KDE Configuration Files

The K Desktop Environment (KDE) long has been known for being designed with extensive configuration options. This is welcomed versus the ivory towered “we know best” developer approach. Let users decide.

A caveat is KDE 5 is designed to store configuration files much like the proverbial feces hitting the fan. Everything is dumped to $HOME/.config and $HOME/.local/share. In KDE 3 and KDE 4 all config files were stored in $HOME/.kde[4].

While $HOME/.config and $HOME/.local/share are appropriate to comply with XDG standards, the lack of a parent location makes a spaghetti mess of both user directories. Storing config files in $HOME/.config/kde and $HOME/.local/share/kde makes sense and would be more organized.

The KDE developers had the right idea with KDE 3 and 4. As do the Xfce developers with $HOME/.config/xfce4.

Whether this mess will be remedied remains to be seen.

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