KDE Bookmarks

One of the helpful features of KDE is bookmarks. System bookmarks are used to navigate around the file system.

The system-wide bookmarks are called Places. This set of bookmarks is available in the Dolphin file manager and the KDE file picker dialog. The data is stored in $HOME/.local/share/user-places.xbel. Users can modify this collection directly in Dolphin and the file picker dialog or edit the data file directly.

There are other types of KDE bookmarks for navigating the file system.

Dolphin supports additional bookmarks. This allows creating a unique set of bookmarks specific to Dolphin. For example, remote systems.

Dolphin’s predecessor, Konqueror, supports a separate set of bookmarks.

Konsole has supported bookmarks since at least the KDE 3 days. This feature is a handy way to change directories.

The VNC tool krdc can save remote access points as bookmarks.

All of these bookmarks can be found in a respective $HOME/.local/share/$app_name/bookmarks.xml.

The Krusader dual pane file manager supports the same type of bookmarks but the data file is named krbookmarks.xml.

These application-specific bookmark files can be edited directly with a text editor or with the keditbookmarks tool.

Tools such as Kate and Okular support bookmarks to navigate within documents.

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