DD-WRT Inconsistency

A normal morning of powering on the office computer equipment and waiting for the DD-WRT router to send a wake-on-lan (WoL) magic packet to the office desktop while slurping a hot beverage.

Much time went by before the office desktop booted. First clue. Then the office desktop boot spew indicated something awry with the router. Second clue. Poking around revealed the WAN port was disabled. A single change in the Setup-->WAN Connection Type page restored the WAN port configuration.

The configuration was changed inadvertently the previous night while investigating options to convert the router into an access point (AP). Not noticed was the change is persistent. This would not have been noticed because for many years changing various options in DD-WRT never have been persistent or active unless explicitly selecting the Save or Apply Settings button.

Unlike the behavior elsewhere in DD-WRT, changing the WAN Connection Type is persistent without touching those buttons.

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