Computer Rest Breaks

Having been a steady reader for decades means often forgetting to take rest breaks for the eyes. Modern day reading includes PDFs and EPUBs. Computer screens often contribute to eye strain and poor body posture.

Searching for a helpful tool to encourage breaks began soon after migrating to KDE. Quickly found was RSIBreak.

The tool supports “tiny” or short breaks as well as “big” or longer breaks. Short breaks are nice to help refocus the eyes away from a computer screen and perform some neck and shoulder stretches. Long breaks are nice to get up and move the entire body.

The RSIBreak tool seems to function fine except on the T400 laptop. Sometimes the break triggers despite the timing configuration to skip breaks with no activity. Several times after walking away from the computer for many minutes, upon returning the computer screen showed the countdown dialog. Sometimes the short and long break triggers within a minute or so of each other. Whether this is a bug or PEBKAC is unknown. PEBKAC is unlikely because the same configuration functions fine on the office desktop. Likely certain laptop tunables are the cause.

A small nit. In all RSIBreak is a useful tool.

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