Exploring Desktop Environments — 3

While breaking away from GTK includes the basic desktop environment, the effort will be futile without migrating GTK tools. There are certain software tools that are used often and need to be replaced.

  • GUI file manager
  • Mail clients
  • Lightning Calendar
  • Geany and plugins
  • Meld
  • Atril Document Viewer
  • Galculator
  • Eye of MATE Image Viewer
  • Engrampa archiver
  • Remmina
  • Cliboard manager
  • NetworkManager applet
  • Brasero
  • Xfce Timer Applet
  • Xfce Sound Mixer

Of note is possibly replacing Firefox with a Qt based browser. Firefox is GTK based, but for many years the Mozilla developers seem lost in the wilderness with respect to usability.

Replacing Thunderbird might be Sisyphean too.

Important is avoiding the GTK file picker and gtk-bookmarks as much as practical.

There is one cautionary caveat. The default Qt file picker dialog is rather lame too.

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