Broken rsync

I continue investigating rsync failures during certain backups. The reported error codes:

     4 - Requested action not supported. Either: an attempt was made to
         manipulate 64-bit files on a platform that cannot support them;
         or an option was specified that is supported by the client and
         not by the server
    10 - Error in socket I/O

The exit code errors did not make sense because the backups are disk to disk. No remote computers are involved. Even if there were remote computers, SSH keys are used rather than passwords. To hopefully help, in the rsnapshot rsync_long_args configuration I added the --timeout=15 parameter.

I suspected that option would be insufficient. Something else had changed. I have been using rsnapshot for years with no issues.

When browsing the logs I noticed the errors began about the time the rsync package was updated in Slackware 14.2 from version 3.1.3 to 3.2.5, which shortly thereafter was updated to 3.2.7.

Probably not a coincidence.

Some investigating revealed the changes introduced in 3.2.5 were causing some people problems. Specifically some new file-list safety checks. I found one person reporting the new rsync changes broke rsnapshot backups.

One way to bypass those checks is a new --trust-sender option. In addition to adding the timeout to the rsnapshot long arguments for rsync, I added the new --trust-sender option.

The rsnapshot backups are local. I see no need for the new safety checks, especially if the result is broken operations.

I suspect the new rsync safety check changes were involved with the unexplained loss of disk space. I now use the --trust-sender option in all of my rsync and rsnapshot scripts.

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