Accessing VirtualBox Disks Redux

After resolving the retbleed boot message in VirtualBox virtual machines (VMs), I updated the software to version 6.1.40. I saw a reminder in my computer project notes to someday test accessing to VirtualBox disks.

The first mount with vboximg-mount is a FUSE mount. The second mount is a Linux mount that normally requires root privileges. By default FUSE mounts do not allow root access. I worked around that by performing both mounts as root. I do not remember in my first test needing to use root privileges for both mounts, but my memory is fuzzy.

The --rw option seems to now function as expected. I accessed a VM disk using vboximg-mount and deleted some superfluous files. I unmounted both mount points and launched the VM. The files were indeed gone.

Likely most people only want read-only access to copy and review files, but nice to know full write access is possible.

Sadly, VirtualBox encrypted and raw disks remain unsupported.

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