LibreOffice Launch Speed

I am like many people and do not use all or many features of some software. That means no frothing hurry or need to update.

For some years I have been using LibreOffice 6.3. Not being active in the tech writing field means no professional needs, no need for bleeding edge, and opportunity to only use basic features. No frothing hurry or need to update.

LibreOffice is software that I always wanted to support and embrace. A classic poster child of free/libre software. LibreOffice is updated and released frequently. With active development each release should improve and be better, right?

On a whim I updated to version 7.0.4 rather than the latest version. The result was severe disappointment.

After 20 years of development LibreOffice was launching slower than I could remember for many years. Actual usage was slow too.

I had only one meaningful choice — revert to a previous version.

I reverted to the 6.2 version rather than 6.3. The 6.2 version was the last 32-bit release packaged by the upstream LibreOffice developers. I do not have time or computer muscle to compile LibreOffice from scratch, which would require several hours and hoping no build failures.

I have no idea why LibreOffice 7.0.4 launched and responded so horrifically slow. Possibly I did something wrong. Free in cost or not, I struggle to understand such a design. Browsing the web indicates many people long have had cynical opinions about LibreOffice launch times. Some 20 years is sufficient time to resolve such a glaring deficiency.

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