Deprecated Commands

I sigh every time I read an author jump on a soap box to declare a command obsolete or deprecated and the command should be avoided.

Like children declaring somebody has “cooties.”

Tools do not become obsolete or deprecated. Tools remain functional. Perhaps they become less used or less favored but never obsolete or deprecated.

My first few hand tools, purchased more than 45 years ago, remain useful and still stored in the tool box. Those hand tools might be old but are not obsolete or deprecated. The pick-up truck is 34 years old, runs fine, replacement parts remain available, and is not obsolete or deprecated. Many people in rural areas have tractors from the 1940s and 1950s that remain functional and are still running.

Some people might argue that this is comparing apples to oranges. Yet a seasoned computer user knows that with computers there are many ways to perform a task and obtain desired results.

We live in a big world. Pretending there is one “superior” way is arrogance and naivety.

History shows the world changes when people step outside the box and question the status quo. Often the results benefit everybody. People should be free to use newer commands and tools. Just avoid the soap box pretending to be a l33t click-bait expert.

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