Living with Laptops

I much prefer desktop systems over laptops.

I dislike laptop screens — too small and not healthy for the eyes, let alone aging eyes. Rather than staring downward into my lap, I prefer a desktop monitor to look straight across, which is healthier for necks and shoulders.

I dislike laptop keyboards, many of which are 90% or smaller of the size of a full sized desktop keyboard. All laptop keyboards lack a standard keyboard layout. I dislike mushy cheap keyboards and prefer mechanical keyboards. That should not be surprising because for many years I made a living as a tech writer. A good keyboard is to a writer much like good speakers are to an audiophile.

I dislike trackpads. One of the clumsier interface devices ever. I keep a mouse in my laptop bag. In a previous admin role I did likewise with the laptop I used when in the field.

I have the skills to ensure wireless functions, but I’ll take Ethernet any day.

I use laptops, but sooner rather than later I am grumpy and want to hurt things. There is no way I could work with a laptop all day.

We live in a big world though — everybody should use what they prefer.

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