Disaster Recovery Testing — 6

Continuing my disaster recovery testing, next was replacing a failed Lenovo T400 laptop hard disk. This is the sole laptop in the house. Testing would be limited to simulating a failed hard disk.

Finding a different laptop model would be more ideal for testing a full recovery. If I had to replace the laptop I would select a model that does not use Nvidia drivers.

Much like the living room media player, there are no clone disks. There is a single partition on the office desktop backup disk to which the laptop files are backed up and replicated to the weekly backup disks.

The original 2.5 inch 5400 RPM spinning hard disk was used as the replacement disk.

The laptop contains some additional partitions that no longer are used but preserved for reference and historical purposes. Those partition images are saved as *.img files to the office desktop backup disk and replicated to the weekly backup disks.

As this was a limited hard disk failure test, the results were much the same as simulating a failed disk with the media player. There were no surprises restoring the additional historical partitions.

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