Complex File Systems

In the home network the only file systems used are ext[2-4] and xfs.

BTRFS and ZFS are not used. While not technically a file system, I have nominally used LVM. A common feature of these technologies is the ability to restore files through snapshots.

I have read stories about LVM, BTRFS, and ZFS. By far most of the stories are “works for me.” While not trying to sound cynical many such stories are, “Aren’t I cool for using X technology?”

I have read real life experience stories about using the recovery features of LVM, BTRFS, and ZFS. Not stories from the technical savvy but the less technically savvy people. These stories do not end well. The technically savvy can accuse the less technically savvy of being clueless or stupid, but using complex file management systems like LVM, BTRFS, and ZFS requires more skills and knowledge than most people can provide.

Most people are not going down this road. For many people the less stressful path is using “simpler” standard run-of-the-mill file systems along with a backup strategy.

These technologies have their purpose and niche. Easily recovering files long has been a challenge with Linux file systems. The technologies are useful for some people and offer a “wow” element. Yet these technologies are complex and for many people not worth the potential headaches.

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