Disaster Recovery Testing — 4

Another oddball disaster struck. I am not a big believer in the law of averages. Grudgingly I acknowledge a person named Murphy. Sometimes though misfortune or unexpected results is just the way life unfolds.

The office desktop is the home LAN media server. I reviewed a normal email report and saw something awry. The report contained a snippet about a missing directory.

Further digging indicated there were four missing directories in the public directory.

Fortunately, the backup strategy came to the rescue. While I routinely restore files from backups, usually because of fat fingers or impatience, I could not remember needing to concurrently restore multiple missing directories. Happily, restoring the missing directories and respective files was a straightforward exercise.

I dug into the system logs and did not find a root cause for the mishap. I accept that likely I inadvertently did something to trigger the event.

There is a reason a particular bumper sticker is popular. To paraphrase, Things happen. Thankfully, being prepared with a good backup strategy notably reduced related stress. That in itself raises an important point noted by many admins. Having a good backup plan is not important. Having a good restoration plan is important.

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