Updating Slackware — 6

I found more issues while testing the upcoming Slackware 15.

Consider me a dinosaur, but I launch X from the console with the startx command. In my early days of using Linux based systems I wrote a /usr/local/bin/bash_login script that is sourced in each user account .bash_profile file. The script prompts the user to launch X and is a wrapper to the startx command.

Occasionally I want to perform administrative maintenance. I decline the prompt and remain at the console command prompt. When finished with the maintenance I manually type startx to launch the X environment.

I have a login/display manager configured, but that is not the default boot option. I prefer the old way of logging in. An exception is the living room media player that boots directly into the desktop using auto login.

The upcoming changes with Slackware 15 include elogind. This introduction changes the upstream startx command. My familiar scheme of logging in was affected. I had to spend time tuning the startx script to accommodate my environment.

Another new change is a significantly revamped rc.inet1 script and the respective rc.inet1.conf configuration. The new method no longer includes a direct option for a NETMASK[x] entry. Instead the new method for rc.inet1.conf is using CIDR notation in the slightly different IPADDRS[x] key.

The journey continues.

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