Updating Slackware — 2

My first attempt at updating Slackware 14.2 to the upcoming Slackware 15 began in a virtual machine (VM).

I long have used multiple partitions. My long standing practice is a 20 GB partition for the system partition. I never ran into space limitations. With the upcoming Slackware 15 I decided I might tinker with KDE Plasma. I have not used KDE since the KDE 3 and early Trinity days, but I thought some tinkering might be in order.

Sounded good in theory. After a fresh install without the full KDE Plasma collection as provided in Slackware my VM 20 GB system partition was almost full. So much for installing Plasma or third party packages.

My first grand step to prepare for the upcoming Slackware 15 was to increase the size of all Slackware system partitions in the home network. I was going to change to 30 GB and then decided additional future proofing might be sane. I increased the size to 40 GB. This was not a stressful task but is nominally time consuming because the sizes of some other partitions on the disks need to be changed too.

This is rather amazing in some respects considering at one time I had about a half dozen operating systems installed on a single 40 GB disk. Times have changed.

The journey continues.

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