Forced Updates

I read that the Linux Mint developers were concerned about users not updating their computers with the latest patches or releases.

The discussion seemed to cause some commotion online. Originally there was mumbling about forcing updates. Fortunately, the final configurable default solution seems to be repeated nagging, er, notifications. In the end this is the only sane option. While I think automatic updates probably are best for less tech savvy users, no operating system should be designed to rigidly force updates.

Almost all software is provided by license. Almost all software licenses offer little to no warranty. Without any such provider obligations, updates should be fully optional by the user.

The general free/libre spirit and licensing does not obligate anybody to scratch anybody’s back. Developers are free to create software and users are free to use the software. There are no obligations either way. There is no quid pro quo. There are no support contracts.

Developers and users are free to help one another as much as practical, but there are no such requirements.

Despite well meaning motives, developers have no standing to be self-appointed nannies.

If people do not want to update computers then that is their business. Live and let live.

Not your computer. There really is nothing to discuss or debate.

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