Automating Computer Tasks

Computers are great at automating tasks. One attraction for me when I first starting using Linux based operating system many years ago is automation through the cron and at scheduling daemons. Examples of tasks I automate include:

At home:

  • Test ISP speed twice every hour.
  • Create pretty weekly gnuplot graphs of ISP speeds.
  • Run iperf tests in local LAN.
  • Update this blog (often I binge write articles and queue them).
  • Automate hourly rsnapshot backups and daily, weekly, monthly rotations.
  • Send email alerts and desktop popups to perform weekly backups.
  • Schedule nightly shutdowns.
  • Schedule wakeups (to record old movies).
  • Verify TV capture cards are functioning.
  • Sync config files among LAN computers.
  • Sync local copy of Slackware mirrors.
  • Update dnsmasq block lists.
  • Send email alerts for package updates.
  • Send email alerts for certain log errors.

At work:

  • Automate backups.
  • Send email summaries of certain backups.
  • Schedule nightly shutdowns.
  • Sync config files.
  • Automate package updates on certain systems.
  • Send email alerts for server package updates.
  • Check SSL certificates expiration.
  • Check domain name registration expiration.
  • Check company net range expiration.
  • Check company Proxmox subscription.
  • Check SSH logs.
  • Send email alerts for server logins.
  • Check server SEL logs.
  • Send email summaries of monthly reboots of certain devices.
  • Send email summaries of server disk usage.
  • Send email summaries of RAID controllers health.
  • Send email summaries of RAID controllers batteries.
  • Send email summaries of smartmontools health checks.

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