DuckDuckGo Changes

I entered a search query into the Firefox search box. I selected the search engine. Instead of any useful results I was redirected to a blank I had to repeat the search request.

I have been using duckduckgo for many years. Why the change?

Classic WTF.

I tolerated this behavior for some days and then dug into resolving the problem.

I suspected the problem would be resolved by editing the duck_duck_go.xml search engine file, but I hadn’t messed with Firefox search engines in a long time.

After poking and prodding I found my bearings. Updating was straightforward only because long ago — before the Mozilla developers moved to their pseudo proprietary mozlz4 compression nonsense — I preserved copies of my search engine XML files. Back in the day when creating XML search engine files was easy. All of my XML search engine files are stored in $FIREFOX_HOME/distribution/searchplugins/common/.

Editing the template= field in the duck_duck_go.xml file to use resolved the problem.

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