Terminating a Frozen SSH Session

One of my observations about computer software is no matter how much I know there is something new to learn every day.

I have been using SSH for many years. I use a local config file and multiple key pairs to connect to remote systems.

Occasionally an SSH session times out or somehow freezes. Often this leaves the terminal window in a frozen state, requiring a forced closure.

Except a forced closure might not be needed. There is a built-in SSH escape trigger.

Press the ~ (tilde) key. Notice that the ~ won’t appear on screen when the character is the very first character typed. The character prints on screen normally when not the first character.

To view a list of available options with this escape trigger type ~?.

To force terminate a frozen SSH session, press ~.. The result is much the same as Ctrl+C or Ctrl+D to terminate a process.

The escape character can be changed using the -e option.

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