Dualing Notification Daemons

I ran into another Xfce and MATE clash.

At work we are using Debian 10 with the Xfce and MATE desktops.

When using the Xfce desktop, Xfce automatically launches the xfce4-notification-daemon. The daemon does not need to be added to the user’s autostart files.

When using the MATE desktop the mate-notification-daemon is not launched automatically. Instead the upstream developers think that keeping the daemon running continuously is a waste of system resources. Instead the daemon launches as needed and self-terminates.

With both notification daemons installed and using MATE, a notification request will always launch the xfce4-notification-daemon. MATE does not launch mate-notification-daemon.

I found no suitable solution other than removing one of the packages.

Why is this annoying? Users configure notifications based on the desktop being used. When a user is running Xfce then the user expects Xfce styled notification popups. Likewise with MATE. Worse, when removing the xfce4-notification-daemon package, users no longer have access to the Xfce Settings configurations.

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