Ubuntu and VirtualBox

At work I am testing Debian 10. The goal is to migrate from Ubuntu, which breaks more often than I like.

A few years ago I created an Ubuntu virtual machine (VM) for other workers to use. The idea is to use the VM for remote access to company infrastructure. I created a similar VM for Debian 10. During this testing interim I am maintaining both VMs.

I updated my home office systems to VirtualBox 6.1.2. While not strictly required, the Guest Additions (GA) in the guest systems should be updated too.

I encountered no issues updating the GA in the Debian VM or other VMs I maintain on my office system.

Nothing I tried successfully installed the GA in the Ubuntu VM. There are no error messages updating, the bidirectional clipboard and seamless mouse pointer and keyboard function, but the screen emphatically refuses to run at the desired resolution for more than one session. Rebooting the VM results in the resolution defaulting to 800x600. Running xrandr indicates the GA are not finding alternate resolutions.

I've been using VirtualBox for many years. I have seen glitches but eventually the VMs behave. Not this time.

Then some days later a kernel update arrived in Ubuntu. The GA then installed as always without a hitch.

I'm glad to be migrating away from Ubuntu. I don’t like Ubuntu and apparently Ubuntu doesn’t like me.

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