Beginner Distro

A common question in many online forums is seeking an “easy distro for beginners.”

“Easy for a beginner” is hopping down the wrong path.

Evaluate the user’s work flow. As long as that work flow is satisfied with minimal training after the migration, then everything will be easier for that user.

  • What web browser does the user prefer?
  • How does the user manage email?
  • Does the user depend on niche software?
  • Does the user have a printer that is compatible with Linux?

Is the user computer savvy? No? Then remove the terminal window button and virtual desktop switcher from the panel.

Most people are accustomed to the traditional desktop metaphor made popular through Windows. For most people, “easy for a beginner” means any desktop environment with a single bottom panel, a menu button, a notification area, and supports desktop icons. A blue background to look something like Windows probably helps too.

If a goal is “install and forget,” then configure the system for auto-updates.

After that then most popular distros should suffice.

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