ifup — interface not configured

I was tinkering with Proxmox with an eventual goal of creating a new private subnet and prototyping some respective containers. I configured a new vmbr2 interface bridged to eth2.

I opened a terminal window and remotely logged into the Proxmox server. I tested the new interface with ifup. I was greeted with the following message:

interface vmbr2 not configured

Wait a minute. I just configured the interface.

After some futile web searching, I walked away from the problem. The project did not need immediate attention.

The next day I had the usual proverbial light bulb moment.

While the error message is a tad cryptic, the message made sense after realizing I had not yet connected any Ethernet cable. No cable means no link, which means “not configured.”

After connecting a cable, the ifup and ifdown commands worked as expected.

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