CentOS 8

Recently Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 was released. The geeks are rolling over themselves in the mud, anticipating the release of CentOS 8. I'm not excited.

At work we use CentOS on some servers. For me CentOS has been problematic. I find the Red Hat design too complex — over engineered.

Despite the influence of the company, the focus of RHEL is the server and the ambiguous “cloud” rather than the desktop. Which is a shame. Except those people who think GNOME is a palatable choice for the desktop.

Other desktop environments are available for CentOS, but that availability is dependent upon one-person shows. Software needed to create comfortable desktop environments depends on one-person shows.

There are five years remaining in the CentOS 7 life cycle. There is no rush to update to 8. If I remain present at work when we move forward with the CentOS systems, I am thinking perhaps update to something else, like Debian.

Besides, sane users do not introduce a “dot-oh” release into production systems.

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