Migrating a Business to Linux — 16

At work I have been migrating laptops and workstation to Ubuntu MATE 16.04. The project has been successful. Of course, we finally ran into a cantankerous system. The X session on the workstation continually freezes at unpredictable and random intervals. Doesn’t matter what apps are open.

We have two almost identical workstations using the same ancient ECS EliteGroup NF650iSLIT-A motherboard. One system is stable, the other cranky. The notable difference is the video cards.

The stable system has an NVidia NV44 GeForce 6200 TurboCache installed. The cranky system has an NVidia GT218 GeForce 8400 GS.

The cranky system is stable when running Windows 7.

The desktop freeze kills the local keyboard and mouse. Yet we have full SSH access. From there I can even start a VNC session that allows keyboard and mouse input.

Several attempts failed to find remedy. Finally I succumbed to installing the proprietary drivers. Within a few hours after installing the “recommended” 340 drivers the desktop froze. Next was the legacy 304 drivers. For a few days straight the system remained stable. Finally some peace of mind.

I do not like NVidia on Linux systems.

The owner agreed to me finding some workstation replacements. For certain, the video will not be NVidia.

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