CentOS 6 and fastboot

At work we have a lone CentOS 6 container running on a Proxmox host. Recently the container started creating /fastboot. Or at least, I should say I started noticing the event.

Initially I presumed the file was being created within CentOS. The file is created both when stopping and starting the container from Proxmox and when rebooting from within the container.

This is a container, which of course means no kernel, no initrd, no GRUB, etc.

Some digging indicated the file is created by the host Proxmox. Digging deeper I realized the file was being created since, well, almost forever. That clued me into the fact that I only had started noticing the file.

Which was indeed the case. I run a root-fs-checkscript on various systems to watch for unexpected files in the root of the file system. Unrelated, recently I noticed the script was falling short at detecting certain files. I tweaked the search to correct the shortcoming. After the tweak I started noticing the /fastboot file in the CentOS 6 container.

Basically, the /fastboot file had been there all along. I noticed only after my tweaking.

So all is normal and I actually now have an improved script.

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