LibreOffice Draw Spastic Toolbars

I want to draw some network diagrams. I have been trying to learn LibreOffice Draw. I am not an artist and do not play one on TV. This has been an uphill journey for me.

While I have used Writer for some time, certain LibreOffice design decisions have not helped.

LibreOffice is designed such that most toolbars are context sensitive. The toolbars continually disappear and reappear. This black magic causes the screen to repaint and is disorienting. The word spastic comes to mind.

One work-around is to use floating toolbars. Many people do not like floating toolbars, including me

I don’t know why the toolbar — all toolbars — can’t remain docked, just like the Standard Toolbar. Browsing the web indicates this is a frustrating issue for many users.

I haven’t figured out how to prevent this behavior.

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