Replacing ReminderFox

I am using Firefox 52 ESR. I have been using ReminderFox for a while to remind me of personal events.

Like many Firefox extensions, the ReminderFox developers have explicitly declared there will be no WebExtensions version. End of discussion.

While 52 ESR remains supported for several more months, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall. I looked into a ReminderFox replacement.

After the current ESR support expires I could use a third-party Firefox XUL based derivative. I lack faith in those versions, but I might have to use one of them to avoid Firefox add-on misery.

Simple reminders are all I need. ReminderFox works well for me. I miss KAlarm with respect to the mere simplicity. No, I am not going to use the current version or any software infected with Akonadi. I would use the current KAlarm if there was no Akonadi database requirement.

I am not interested in compiling the Trinity version of KAlarm because that means building the entire tdepim package — in addition to other Trinity dependencies.

I do not use a smart phone and have no motivation to use one.

I will not use any Google service or product or anything online “cloud” related.

Something like radicale could provide centralized storage, but support apps to read the data are limited. I already have centralized storage anyway because I configured ReminderFox to store data outside $HOME. That is one of the features I liked about ReminderFox. The developers were not $HOME-centric.

Something like NextCloud might work, providing access to data through Firefox on any computer. Seems like a lot of overhead though and I have no idea how I would receive automatic reminders through Firefox.

Let’s keep this simple.

I use Thunderbird for email. ReminderFox works with Thunderbird. There have been no statements from Thunderbird developers that XUL add-ons will be eliminated any time soon.

The easiest solution is shift to using ReminderFox in Thunderbird. Doable for me although that changes my work flow. I more or less always have Firefox open with any computer I use. ReminderFox fits my work flow nicely as I seldom miss any reminders in real time. I run Thunderbird only on my office desktop. I do not have any volume of email or external requirement that I need access to my mail from any device anywhere in the world. Moving ReminderFox to Thunderbird means I might occasionally miss reminders when not sitting at the office computer — mostly reminders that I postpone for a few hours.

There also is the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird, but I do not need a full-fledged calendar program. Lightning would not provide me any benefit over ReminderFox.

Using my laptop is where I will miss ReminderFox in Firefox. I do not use Thunderbird on the laptop. Possibly I could run Thunderbird bare-bones to bubble out reminders when away from the office desktop. Seems silly to run that kind of overhead just for reminder events. Possibly there might be a way to intercept or forward a ReminderFox popup and send a remote notification to the laptop. I am not going to spend much time pursuing that idea. I have VNC access to the office desktop from the laptop. Some time ago I conjured a way for me to receive remote notification popups on the laptop when I receive email on the office desktop. Although not automated in the same manner I can access the office desktop to see if I missed any reminders.

I have been using ReminderFox in Thunderbird for several days. Thus far, no trauma.

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