NoSquint Plus Replacement

I think the NoSquint Plus saga has ended. I had been using version 56.1 with Firefox 52 ESR. As expected, the built-in expiration triggered and the extension no longer functions. No new versions seem to be forthcoming. Reading user comments at the Firefox extension web site show much frustration. Too bad as this extension was valuable.

Why would anybody develop an extension that automatically expires? Every two months. Who knows.

Looking for replacements I found Zoom Page WE. The extension is not as straightforward as NoSquint Plus. Frustrating too because often the extension fails to use the per-site settings. I have to manually refresh the web page to obtain desired font sizes. Often the extension refuses to let me toggle between Full zoom and Text zoom.

More frustrating is I am unable to adjust font sizes at all for the NewsFox RSS reader. On my laptop the horribly tiny fonts are hard on my eyes.

Despite the annoying built-in expiration, at least NoSquint Plus “just worked.”

Font sizes are a huge usability issue with web page design, something the Firefox developers could do well to provide a solution.

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