Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition

Some time ago my Windows 10 system tried updating to the 1703 release of Windows 10, commonly known as the Fall Creators Update. The usual Microsoft marketing lingo. My system continually failed to update.

Some reading around the web indicates perhaps why the update failed.


Apparently the Windows 10 installer tries to create a recovery partition. Can’t do that inside a VM using raw disk access because the operating system only has write access to the assigned partitions. Theoretically the installer is supposed to install the recovery files on the operating system partition if other methods fail.

After updating, the installer is supposed to clean house and this seems to be where my system fails. Several times I watched Windows download the massive amount of files, reboot, and then inform me the update failed.

I was reminded that possibly the installer is trying to update the MBR but does not have access. If true then the only remedy would be to actually boot to the physical partition. But then I wonder about some of the horror stories I have read with Windows 10 clobbering other partitions. Interestingly, I have the hard disk partitions in a manner that leaves only about 8 GB free at the “end” of the disk. I don’t know if that space is sufficient for the recovery partition nonsense.

Although I have no need to see the system updated, I know full well that I will be nagged endlessly with Windows 10 continually trying to update itself. Which means finding a solution one way or another. The good news is I always clone the installed disk as a backup and second, if I lost this computer I would not lose sleep. Possibly I would sleep more and better.

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