Windows 10 is a Bloatware Nightmare

Updating Windows 10 really is a nightmare. A way to measure insanity.

Despite my removal through a Powershell script, after installing the latest cumulative update I noticed all the crapware had been reinstalled, such as the Candy Crush Saga and a host of other useless software.

Apps that have been removed from the system nonetheless remain in the Windows Start menu.

Updating a system means backups. The Windows 10 backup tool takes about an hour and half to backup a bare-bones system. On a bare bones Windows 7 the backup completes in about 15 minutes. A big reason the backups take so long on 10 is the hugely wasteful WinSxS directory. On my bare-bones system this directory consumes 9 GB of space. Using the Windows cleanup tool does not reduce the space. As far as I can tell, this directory keeps growing with each update and is not self-pruning. As far as I can tell, this directory is more or less a localized repository of sorts. Just a huge waste of disk space. I know of no way to exclude the WinSxS directory from the backups using the built-in backup tool.

While there might be a geektard way to actually prune the idiotic WinSxS directory, don’t try to blindly wipe all the files. Windows 10 will not run. I tried this as an experiment and had to restore the partition from a cloned drive.

POS is a common term I use when I power on the Windows 10 system. Free/libre systems have more than their share of warts, blemishes, and usability problems, but I struggle understanding why millions of people use Windows 10.

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