Another CentOS Quirk

After updating to CentOS 7.4, I noticed a peculiar error message in the boot stdout:

rsyslogd: imjournal: loaded invalid cursor, seeking to the head of journal [v8.24.0 try ]

A typical useless gobbledygook error message.

Some digging around the web found me a similar sounding bug report.

In /etc/rsyslog.conf I disabled the related imjournal options and the state file. I restarted the rsyslog service. No such error reported. I rebooted. Same error output.

The /var/log/messages log was being updated. Just that rsyslog was starting incorrectly. I then grepped the log for when rsyslog starts in the boot sequence:

grep -n "Started System Logging" /var/log/messages

The output showed me time stamps earlier than previous time stamps. Odd. The time difference indicated an offset between local time and UTC.

Curiously, the VirtualBox setting for running Hardware Clock in UTC Time was disabled. All other Linux based virtual machines (VMs) had this option enabled. Windows VMs did not. I stopped the VM and enabled the UTC clock option. When I booted the VM the error log no longer appeared.

I have no idea how this option got disabled. Perhaps this isn’t a CentOS issue after all but PEBKAC.

This is why I prefer to disable useless boot splashes.

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