Linux Sucks

Recently I searched the web using the keywords linux sucks. I looked for links from the last two years.

A sincere perusal indicates that Linux based systems are not as user friendly on the desktop as wonks, geeks, and fan-boys would prefer to think.

I have been using Linux based systems in earnest since 2002. I only use Linux based systems at home and at work. I spend a lot of time publicly sharing my foibles, pains, and observations using Linux based computer operating systems. I can’t envision using any other operating system, including the BSDs. Saying Linux sucks might seem like an exaggeration, but there is a lot of room for serious improvement.

For my preferences and work flows, the other operating system choices suck more. The suckiness rests with the reduced freedom to tinker and the inability to stop the insanity of data mining and tracking. That does not mean Linux systems do not suck. I am of the opinion that all operating systems suck. Just find the one that sucks the least for your own needs and wants.

Go ahead. Have some fun. Use the same keywords and search for yourself.

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