Nagios PROBLEM Host Alert localhost is DOWN

Recently I installed the Nagios and nagios-plugins package.

Soon thereafter I started receiving email alerts.

PROBLEM Host Alert: localhost is DOWN

How the hell can software run and not find the same computer?

I checked the ping command permissions: /bin/ping: chmod u+s / -rws--x--x

The ping command worked fine locally as root and non-root.

I checked /etc/nagios/cgi.cfg:

ping_syntax=/bin/ping -n -U -c 5 $HOSTADDRESS$

I could login as the nagios user and the ping command worked fine.

Disabling iptables made no difference.

Running the nagios check_ping command manually:

    /usr/libexec/nagios/check_ping -H localhost -w 100.0,20% -c 500.0,60% -p 5
    CRITICAL - Could not interpret output from ping command

I saw the same results for ipv4:

    CRITICAL - Could not interpret output from ping command

My /etc/hosts file was just fine.

On a whim I installed the monitoring-plugins package and removed the nagios-plugins package.

Problem solved.

I notified the nagios slackbuild maintainer.

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