Replacing ifconfig

This is a typical geek article. Yes, technology evolves. No, evolving does not render previous tools obsolete.

The author commented that:

As time passes, more and more features are becoming easier to use with the ip command instead of with ifconfig.

In other words, the ip command is not yet a seamless or compatible ifconfig replacement.

As one person commented on the article, the ip command is not supported on legacy 'nix systems.

Why do geeks think that the latest is the greatest? Old tools still suffice for the job and are not obsolete.

"I'm old, not obsolete. — Terminator Genisys"

All humans have a finite number of heart beats. In the end we all die. In between we should use tools that are comfortable to us. Many of us are interested in being productive and living life, not establishing geek creds.

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