A Slick LibreOffice Writer Trick

At one time I considered myself a Microsoft Word whiz. I created templates, style tags, and complex macros in Word 6 and 97. Made some decent money doing so too. Wordperfect for DOS before that.

The last many years I have barely touched a word processor. I had gotten rusty with those skills.

Recent needs left me rekindling some of those old talents. I dug into some basic features of LibreOffice Writer. I did not need to dig deep. The cobwebs of my mind disappeared. Soon I had the document formatted in a palatable manner.

After completing the project I wanted to print the document as a booklet, using a folio method of printing. I was surprised to learn that LibreOffice Writer supports this directly. In the Page Layout section of the Print dialog is a single radio button called Brochure.

Selecting this option prints all of the pages in a manner that allows a simple bifold. Tools of the trade from years ago, a paper cutter to trim the folded edge and a long-neck stapler, are all that I needed to create a simple booklet.

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