Mouse Woes

A coworker told me about laptop trackpad issues with Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity. Basically there is no mouse pointer after booting. A web search revealed other people reporting the same problem. The bug is inconsistent, not always appearing.

While much fanfare arose from the announcement that the Canonical folks were abandoning Unity, the real issue with Ubuntu is and always has been paper cuts. Just once I would like to see the Ubuntu folks skips one of their 6-month releases and dedicate the entire year to quashing bugs.

Perhaps better, dispense with the rapid release cycles. Treat each release as a Long Term Support (LTS) release and release only every two years. Stability should improve.

All distros suffer from these kinds of paper cut issues. Usability bugs and quirks in desktop environments and apps is one thing. Bugs and quirks in the fundamental operating system is quite another.

These kind of problems are absurd and inexcusable and another example why the Year of the Linux Desktop never arrives.

This type of breakage has been and is common among all distros. Distro maintainers and developers seem incapable of agreeing with one another to create and establish a common foundation “that just works.”

Modern free/libre software is a never-ending journey of awakening each day to discover what breaks next.

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