Annoying Firefox Tooltip Popups

Browsing a discussion forum became annoying after updating Firefox to 52.0. This is the normal tap dance with Firefox. Update and see what breaks or what new irritating features were added.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a forum thread title link target resulted in a tooltip popup, containing text of the beginning of the thread post.

A little digging found a solution. I changed the browser.overlink-delay option to 1000000. The units are milliseconds. The default is 80 milliseconds.

If I read the Firefox forums correctly the default once upon a time was 250 milliseconds. I do not know when the value was changed to 80.

I had to restart Firefox to enjoy the change.

As far as I can tell this is not a new feature. I do not know why suddenly I had to deal with the obnoxious popups.

I read that some people have had problems with 52.0 and the status-4-evar add-on, which I use. That add-on uses its own delay. Perhaps there is a conflict. Perhaps the change is related to some of the new security decisions made with 52.0.

For many years I have had set to false. That options affects user interface tooltips.

I plan to move to 52.0 ESR. That will provide me a full year before needing to deal with the loss of many XUL based add-ons, which takes effect with version 57.0. While the loss of user interface add-ons will be a struggle, such as Classic Theme Restorer and Tab Mix Plus, the loss of privacy and security related add-ons has me more concerned.

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