Slackware As My Desktop

Although I tested Salix as a potential preferred desktop, I have for now settled with returning to my old ways of using Slackware as my desktop. I have not eliminated Salix, but there are several unfinished computer projects at the moment. I need to walk one step at a time.

Since returning to Slackware full-scale I can offer a short list of differences from using other non Slackware distros.

Probably highest on my list is without systemd interfering, I am able to invoke my safe shutdown script. I am able to do this from the command line or a login manager.

Wireless on my T400 is working with less breakage. Fewer temper tantrums. Yet there remains breakage. Sometimes restoring from sleep or toggling between wireless and wired does not work in Slackware. Overall, toggling the two interfaces on Linux systems is still kind of sucky regardless of distro.

Keeping systems synchronized requires less admin time because everything is the same distro.

I am able to update certain software such as LibreOffice and not remain stuck on whatever version some LTS packager decides.

I have the option to use the latest Firefox or the ESR version.

NFS shares properly unmount when rebooting or halting.

Booting and halting/rebooting are a tad faster than the systemd distros. Technologically somewhat like comparing apples and oranges, but that is my user’s perspective.

I do not have to fiddle with config files to disable the boot splash, which hides important information about how the system is functioning. Slackware does not use a boot splash to hide anything.

I am able to compile older versions of some apps that have not yet been infected by GNOME 3 development.

There is a smaller selection of packages, but package management is more straightforward. No bloat with unwanted “dependencies” that the upstream packagers deemed “important.”

The lack of a large repository is nominally inconvenient. I am able to find build scripts for non stock packages.

The lack of gnome-games. I have been able to install AisleRiot Solitaire. I found a Mahjongg build script but haven’t tested.

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