Distraction-Free Writing

Occasionally I run across an online article about distraction-free writing.

These articles are not about removing distractions but minimal software interfaces. A word processor or text editor interface is not a distraction. Additionally, many writers need to use style tags, which so-called distraction-free editors seldom support.

These authors do not really discuss distractions.

Truly want distraction-free writing?

  • Connect laptops to AC power.
  • Disable phone ringers and vibrators.
  • Terminate task list reminders.
  • Terminate chat programs.
  • Terminate email clients.
  • Terminate web browsers.
  • Terminate feed readers.
  • Close the door.

Some people can write with or without music. Those who can’t should terminate music players, either on the computer or external.

Software interfaces are not distractions. Writing is much like anything else in life. Do one thing at a time. Humans cannot multitask.

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