Using Unique SSIDs

Several days after configuring my RT-AC66U with DD-WRT, I realized I wanted unique SSID names for the router. I wanted the option of easily returning to the WRT54GL in case of an emergency. Using unique names meant I could retain the older WRT54GL NetworkManager configuration files. Should I need to restore the WRT54GL I would not need to edit any NetworkManager files.

I used the following SSID naming conventions:

  • MyRouter-RT-AC66U-2.4G
  • MyRouter-RT-AC66U-2.4G-Guest
  • MyRouter-RT-AC66U-5G

I updated all of my NetworkManager configurations. I then restored from backups my previous WRT54GL NetworkManager configurations.

As the WRT54GL only supports 802.11g, there is no 5 GHz band and no reason to identify the band frequency. I updated the older NetworkManager config files:

  • MyRouter-WRT54GL
  • MyRouter-WRT54GL-Guest

The respective names of the NetworkManager configuration files:

  • Wireless-Home-RT-AC66U-2.4G
  • Wireless-Home-RT-AC66U-2.4G-Guest
  • Wireless-Home-RT-AC66U-5G
  • Wireless-Home-WRT54GL
  • Wireless-Home-WRT54GL-Guest

Likewise with my wired connections:

  • Wired-Home-RT-AC66U
  • Wired-Home-WRT54GL

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