90 Percent of Everything

Sturgeon’s revelation or Sturgeon’s law states that, “90% of everything is crap.”

I receive about 150 to 200 RSS feeds per day from about two dozen subscriptions. Usually I check the feeds twice a day. I would guess that on average I do not read about 90% of the feeds. I browse the headline or the first sentence and then proceed to the next feed item. The simple reason being I am not interested in the topic.

A non scientific conclusion is about 90% of the feeds I receive are crap. Or to use a more descriptive word, noise. Web site owners these days use click-bait to generate revenues. They are interested in luring visitors to the web site to generate advertising revenues more than actually sharing information or news. Thus, 90% of the feeds I receive are noise.

Of course, that means 10% of the feeds actually provide information that might be interesting or meaningful to me.

I notice similar results with search engines. Many of the results are duplicates or useless. Search engines these days seem designed to produce as many hits as possible regardless of the actual content.

Perhaps Sturgeon was on to something. Too bad I have to wade through so much crap, er, noise, to find useful information.

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