Updating the Ubuntu MATE Kernel

I updated Ubuntu MATE with the usual kernel-of-the-week updates. Not quite weekly, but close.

On my office desktop, booting into the console (not xterm) results in the fonts being clipped at the last line. I am unable to see the cursor, which makes typing more than challenging. Midnight commander line fonts are distorted. Whent he system boots there are artifacts at the end of each stdout line.

I ran dpkg-configure to no avail.

This annoyance did not occur on two other Ubuntu MATE systems. Console fonts and midnight commander look fine.

Reverting the kernel from 4.4.0-36 to 4.4.0-34 resolves the problem.

There are days when I ask myself why tolerate this nonsense? I am leaning toward wiping the partition — with no replacement.

This is classic WTF material. The never-ending broken nature of free/libre software.

Death by a thousand paper cuts.

The Year of the Linux Desktop awaits.

Updated (Sept. 21, 2016): This problem was resolved with the 4.4.0-38 kernel-of-the-week update.

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