Grateful For Free/Libre Software

The Linux kernel is 25 years old today. I was not there in the beginning. In 1991 I was knee deep into Amigas and MS-DOS. I started using Linux based systems about 14 years ago — a little more than half the time Linux has existed.

My primary focus in this blog is usability with Linux based systems. Sometimes I write tongue-in-cheek, sometimes with a bit of spit and vinegar. My critiques and observations are not meant to harm. My goal is to improve the software.

One thing is for certain. Despite the usability warts and blemishes of Linux based systems, I will use them any day before using proprietary systems.

Linux based systems do not match everything offered on the proprietary side, but they do everything I need them to do.

Free/libre software is much about scratching itches while making the world a better place through sharing.

Of course, much of the kernel development was possible because of the GNU tool chain.

I am grateful.

Thank you Linus. Thank you Richard. Thank you to the thousands of smart and talented people who followed.

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