Ubuntu Quirks

In addition to printing woes in Ubuntu, a few weeks ago I encountered a quirky bug that always opened LibreOffice documents read-only. Files are stored on my server and accessed through NFS.

Classic WTF stuff.

The cause was rpc.statd not running. Starting rpc.statd started dnsmasq. Killing dnsmasq killed rpc.statd. I do not use dnsmasq locally because my server handles all DNS name caching.

I had to write a shell script that started the rpc-statd.service and manually killed dnsmasq processes. Sledge hammer. I am unable to stop dnsmasq through systemctl. Otherwise I ended up chasing my tail.

Another quirk I have not yet resolved is toggling my laptop from a wired connection to wireless. This often occurs when resuming from sleep, but sometimes happens with only pulling the cable.

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