Another Example of Broken Software

I have been tinkering with Xubuntu to improve my understanding of the Ubuntu environment. The Ubuntu repository system seems oddly designed in that once a package is updated to a newer version, reverting to a previous version is impossible because the previous version is not listed in the repository. The presumption is the latest version is an improvement.

Two examples amplified the problem: Firefox and Conky.

Firefox was updated to version 44.0. There is no option to revert to 43.0.4.

Conky was updated to version 1.10, which includes a significant overhaul of the syntax. Automatically updating a user’s conky rc file is far from flawless and basically requires interrupting the day to pour sweat equity into manually editing the file.

Just more examples of how things continually break with free/libre software. Developers continue to treat software as their personal playground.

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