My Ideal Distro

From the perspective of non technical users, of course.

  • Package management is a full GUI experience.
  • System releases are about every 3 years.
  • Updating system releases is a full GUI experience.
  • The system is designed in a way that base system packages remain untouched except for security and bug fixes while user land apps are updated more frequently.
  • Update notifiers can be configured to allow quiet updates of at least security patches.
  • A large repository selection focused on non enterprise users.
  • Developers actively engage non technical users in usability testing.
  • Developers do not depend upon non technical users using a terminal.
  • A GUI wrapper to the inxi tool.
  • GUI tools to manage system services, firewall, system date and time, and bluetooth.

A common package management system among all distros would be nice.

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