System Updates

There is something Linux distro maintainers do not handle well. System release updates.

While most maintainers handle package and security updates well enough, and most of the popular distros provide a GUI notifier and update mechanism, full system updates are user hostile. Almost all maintainers expect these updates to be performed using a terminal and command line.

Yes, a diligent web search will find system update problems with Macs and Windows. Generally those instances are edge cases. Overwhelmingly the proprietary people design system updates quite well. This is noticeable with the recent Windows 10 rollout. While some people had problems, tens of millions did not.

Short distro life cycles do not help. Neither do Long Term Support releases. Either way users are expected to use the command line to perform a full system update.

Not going to happen with non technical users.

Release updates must be fully supported through the desktop.

The Year of the Linux Desktop awaits.

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