Customizing Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox developers continue their rampage with removing usability features. As of version 42.0, the browser.preferences.inContent option no longer has any effect on displaying Preferences.

Not the end of the world, but irritating. I prefer the previous design.

My understanding is the option soon will be removed as well.

Themes are on the chopping block, although in practice themes have been dead since the Australis overhaul.

The upcoming restrictions against add-ons will further affect usability. The developers have yet to announce how they are going to support private add-ons.

Do not argue that the new design changes are “better.” Better is subjective and each user decides what is better. Do not argue the changes are needed to support “convergence.” Desktop users have different needs than mobile users.

I do not know what to do with Firefox anymore. The developers continue ripping Firefox features to suit their whims and desires rather than allow users choice. Moving to a different browser will be a time consuming affair.

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