MATE Menu Delay

One of the mysteries that has annoyed me with MATE is an excessive delay when first using the panel menu. There is a noticeable delay with populating the MATE menu icons when browsing the menu the first time. I never found a remedy.

Part of the problem seems to be MATE not using a menu icon cache, instead depending upon system mime caches. Some nominal testing reveals part of the delay is related to LibreOffice icons. There is a noticeable pause in any menu containing LibreOffice icons.

The oddity is the delay occurs only during the first and second instance of using the MATE menu. After I browse the sub menus to force populating icons, the menu responds immediately thereafter. I can log out and log in and the menu works fine, as long as I originally performed those initial interactions.

The problem seems to affect the MATE menu applet more than the default dual panel menu layout with Applications, Places, System. I do not like dual panels and on a laptop that menu layout consumes too much space.

I really wish there was a solution.

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